Welcome to Wild Wood Bakehouse



We are ready for you Wild Wood lovers to try our our second location and new Wilder menu!


Wilder Wood Restaurant & Bar
1300 E 7th St.
Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 628-0184
Come try some of your favorites and savor some new ones!
What do you think about Stuffed Jumbo Jalapenos, Shrimp Ceviche or Shrimp Diablo?
Come give these new Wilder appetizers a try!

Feast on our yummy new burgers. You’ll be delighted when you choose a half pound Black Angus, Bison or Portebello crafted with an assortment of combinations including avocado, various cheeses, sauces and veggies. If you like it “HOT”, give the “Texas Heater” a try.

NO WORRIES, our famous Chicken Fried steak is still on the Wilder Menu.

See the menu for yourself: http://www.wilderwoodrestaurantandbar.com/menu/

We invite you to join us at our second location, WILDER WOOD RESTAURANT & BAR:
Mon-Sat  10 am -10 pm


The Twins Can’t Do It All!
Wild Wood Bakehouse is hiring!

We know our food is so good, you probably thought it appeared magically through elf power. Well, okay. Maybe it does. But even elves need a little bit of muscle sometimes.
We have openings for servers, front counter and bakery cashiers, and kitchen staff.
Give us a call at 512/327-9660 or drop by and fill out an application. Ask for Arturo.

Come join the fun, and cook up a little magic of your own!

For over 15 years, Owner Joan Griffith and her team have been serving the Austin area and beyond with quality handmade gluten free delights. At Wild Wood Bakehouse and Gluten-Free Restaurant, we strive to make gluten-free baked goods that are delicious, yet harmless to the growing community of wheat free, gluten-free and carb-free people who love tasty foods.We feature an array of breads and muffins, pastries and specialty desserts. In addition, we make an assortment of entrees, cookies, pies, celebration cakes/cupcakes, just to list a few of our other available gluten free items.  Check out our menu.

We remain dedicated to the nutritional welfare of people with food allergies and medical restrictions. We maintain a close association with the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Service is what we offer! We cater events, weddings, meetings, making special items to meet your fancy. In addition, Joan sponsors gluten free travel adventures to Meso-America.

About Wildwood Bakehouse  Joan Griffith  Vimeo.

Just call us for a consultation and together we will design your meal!  (512) 327-9660

If you are interested in Meso-American art, textiles, handmade leather goods and carvings, click the dragon below and check out our new store: